Sequence Clustering Summary

PIPELINE VERSION         : cerit-v0.2.5-2158(2e95139)
PROTEIN DATABASE VERSION : protein_database_v2.2.fasta

Run statistics:

Number of input sequences: 279233652

Number of analyzed sequences: 6064839

Proportion of sequences in analyzed clusters : 0 %

Cluster merging: No

Paired end sequences: Yes

Available analyses:

Tandem repeat analysis

Cluster annotation

Supercluster annotation

Repeat annotation summary

How to cite

If you use RepeatExplorer for general repeat characterization in your work please cite:

Novak, P., Neumann, P., Pech, J., Steinhaisl, J., Macas, J. (2013) - RepeatExplorer: a Galaxy-based web server for genome-wide characterization of eukaryotic repetitive elements from next generation sequence reads. Bioinformatics 29:792-793.


Novak, P., Neumann, P., Macas, J. (2010) - Graph-based clustering and characterization of repetitive sequences in next-generation sequencing data. BMC Bioinformatics 11:378.

If you use TAREAN for satellite detection and characterization please cite:

Novak, P., Robledillo, L.A.,Koblizkova, A., Vrbova, I., Neumann, P., Macas, J. (2017) - TAREAN: a computational tool for identification and characterization of satellite DNA from unassembled short reads. Nucleic Acid Research